Using Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg Professional

Financial information, data, pricing and analyst reports for all publicly traded companies. Dealer quotes and data for all securities. Key global securities markets including equities, money markets, currencies, municipal, corporate/Euro/sovereign bonds, commodities, mortgage-backed securities, derivative products and governments. Analytic tools for researching and tracking market sectors as well as individual securities. Bloomberg Business News provides up-to-the-minute as well as archived news online.


Bloomberg Professional available on campus only. It is installed on 9 computers in the Finance & Analytics Lab and on one computer on the 2nd floor of the Business Learning Commons.

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) training is a way for users to obtain, and convey to potential employers, a more in-depth knowledge of the Bloomberg Professional service. There is no fee for this training program, but you will need to complete it at the Bloomberg terminals in the Business Library.

BMC is an eight-hour, self-paced e-learning course that covers four modules – Economics, Currencies, Fixed Income, and Equities. After finishing the assessment questions in all of the modules, a certificate of completion will be available for download.

To learn more about BMC and to complete the course, you will need to create your own Bloomberg login.

To create a Bloomberg login:

  • Click the blue Create a New Login link at the bottom middle of the login screen and follow the onscreen instructions

To access Bloomberg Market Concepts:

  • Type BMC and then press the green <GO> key on the Bloomberg keyboard
  • Press the red <CONN DFLT> key to log out when you are through

Sample Commands

Bloomberg Professional is a command-driven service utilizing the green, yellow, and red function keys on the Bloomberg keyboard. Here are some quick command sequences to get you started:

Bloomberg cheat sheets:

CHEA <GO> (Type CHEA, then press the green <GO> key)

Ticker symbol look-up:

TK <GO> (Type TK, then press the green <GO> key)

Look up an equity:

IBM <F8 EQUITY> <GO> (Type your ticker symbol, then press the yellow <F8 EQUITY> key, and then press the green <GO> key)

Financial analysis:

IBM <F8 EQUITY> FA <GO> (Type your ticker symbol, then press the yellow <F8 EQUITY> key, then type FA, and then press the green <GO> key)

Analyst and investment bank reports:

IBM <F8 EQUITY> BRC <GO> (Type your ticker symbol, then press the yellow <F8 EQUITY> key, then type BRC, and then press the green <GO> key)