University Record Disposition and Disposal of University Records

See Disposition and Destruction of Records under Training.

IMPORTANT: These policies apply to records in all formats and media.

There are Conditions which affect the Final Disposition of records where the records schedule is suspended and held until completed.

Conditions Affecting Final Disposition

All recommended dispositions stated within these schedules may be carried out by the office without further consultation or approval from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Archives, Office of Legal Affairs or Internal Audit with the following exceptions:

  • Records Request. If an open records request has been made with an office for any item or items in this schedule, the Open Records Law (Sec.19.35 (5) Wis. Stats.) forbids the destruction of any record until the request is granted or until at least sixty days after the date that the request is denied. Court orders may extend this time period. The University’s legal records custodian can advise offices on specific requests for access (Sec. 19.33 and 19.34, Wis. Stats.)
  • Pending Litigation or Audit. It is the department’s responsibility to determine if an audit or pending litigation will involve any records listed in a Records Disposition Authorization, and to suspend any disposition until such time as the audit or litigation is completed.
  • Duplicate records. Duplicates may be destroyed when their administrative usefulness has ceased. A separate records schedule is not required to dispose of such duplicates.

If you have questions, please contact the University Records Officer.