University General Record Schedules – Campus-wide and System-wide

What University General Record Schedules are Available?

Unique Record Schedules: Whenever possible the General Record Schedules(GRS) are to be used. But on occasion, a department or unit creates records which are unique for that department and require a separate or unique record schedule.  Unique record schedules set retention policies for records types that are specific to a department or unit.  These schedules are kept by the department and are located to the right under Unique Record Schedules.

General Record Retention Schedules (GRS) are approved for UW-Madison campus-wide use. General record schedules codify retention policies for record types which are common to all offices across the organization. Rather than making each office secure its own specific retention schedule (as otherwise required by State Statute), the University Records Officer develops campus-wide general record retention schedules that set minimum retention policy for certain types of records.

To access University General Record Schedule click on the appropriate link to the right.

The university wide record schedule are divided out into functional areas which consist of a pdf of the schedule and a searchable table for the appropriate record series.

  • Administrative Related Records – includes University Business Communications records; Voice Mail retention, Administrative records; Academic Planning and Institutional Research records, University Project Management records; University Legal Affairs records; Library related records and Alumni records.  
  • Student Related Records – includes Student and related records including Financial Aid records, Residential Programs and Housing and related records and University Health Services records.
  • Financial Related Records – includes Budget and related records; Fiscal and Accounting records; Purchasing records; Gift Fund records and Research Gift and Grant contract records. 
  • Employee Related Records – includes Payroll and Human Resources and related records. 
  • Operational Related Records – includes Risk Management and Workers Comp records; Fleet and Aircraft records; Facility Planning and Management records; Environmental Health and Safety Records; Emergency Management Records; University Police Records and Information Technology records. 
  • University Research Related Records – includes Research Data Policy schedule 01649; Office of Research Policy records; IRB records; Invention and Patent Participation records; Animal Health Records; RARC Animal Care and Use Committee Records and University Grant and Related Records.