UW-Madison Teaching Assistants Association Strike of 1970

TAA strike, 1970. #S03884
TAA strike, 1970. #S03884

The project was conceived to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 1970 Teaching Assistants Association strike.

Oral History Interviews

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Interview Clips

The Oral History Program staff has complied an album of clips about the TAA Strike of 1970. The name of the narrator and the Oral History Number follow the link.

  1. What is the TAA? / Introduction: Loomer, C. William (119)
  2. Formation of TAA: Haslach, Henry W. (47)
  3. Creation of the Mulvihill Report: Mulvihill, Edward R. (73)
  4. Chancellor Young on the Mulvihill Report: Young, H. Edwin
  5. Responses to the Mulvihill Report: Mulvihill, Edward R. (73)
  6. Original Purpose of the TAA: Haslach, Henry W. (47)
  7. TAA Membership Drive: Schmitz, Betty Ann (97)
  8. Recognition as a Union: Haslach, Henry W. (47)
  9. Chancellor Young on TAA as a Union: Young, H. Edwin
  10. TAA’s Relationship with Other Labor Unions: Stern, James L. (116)
  11. Marketti and Muehlenkamp Involvement: Haslach, Henry W. (47)
  12. Chancellor Young’s Bargaining Strategy: Young, H. Edwin
  13. Bargaining with Edward Krinsky: Ginsburg, Robert E. (43)
  14. Bargaining or Strike: Burress, David (15)
  15. On David Burress: Scott, Charles T. (195)
  16. German Department TAs: Russian, Patricia J. (94)
  17. Interpretation of TAA’s Bargaining Behavior: Stern, James L. (116)
  18. Preparing and Promoting Strike: Haslach, Henry W. (47)
  19. Department Identification Among TAs: Russian, Patricia J. (94)
  20. Atmosphere of the Strike: Burress, David (15)
  21. Women in the TAA: Mulvihill, Edward R. (73)
  22. Power Relationships Between TAs and Professors: Russian, Patricia J. (94)
  23. Behavior in the Picket Lines:  Russian, Patricia J. (94)
  24. Affidavits’ Role in Ending the Strike: Rothstein, Morton (92)
  25. Reflections on the Affidavits: Rothstein, Morton (92)
  26. Chancellor Young on Violence: Young, H. Edwin
  27. Considerations of Escalating Violence: Schmitz, Betty Ann (97)
  28. More on Considerations of Escalating Violence: Burress, David (15)
  29. Charges for Violence: Young, H. Edwin
  30. Student Attacks on Faculty Following Affidavits: Rothstein, Morton (92)
  31. Role of the TA, TAA: Herbst, Jurgen F. H. (52)
  32. Vulnerability of the TAA Following the Strike: Young, H. Edwin
  33. Scott’s Feelings Following the Strike: Scott, Charles T. (195)
  34. Burress’s Feelings Following the Strike: Burress, David (15)
  35. Organizational Feat of the TAA: Rothstein, Morton (92)

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