ROTC protest, 1950
ROTC protest, 1950

May 11, 1950

20 students picket the annual federal inspection of ROTC troops at Camp Randall Stadium, protesting compulsory ROTC. 18 of the students are put on disciplinary probation for the fall semester. Similar protests occur at other inspections in the early 1950s.

October, 1950

The Faculty Senate accepts the University Committee’s Report on the Human Rights of Students [pdf], after amendments from the Board of Regents.

The report was a revision of an earlier one from the Committee on Student Life and Interests [pdf] attempting to address racial and ethnic discrimination, particularly in housing, in the campus area.

The Regents adopted a much more general statement on November 11, 1950. The University then moved to create a Committee on Human Rights, which was established in January 1952.

Joseph McCarthy
Joseph McCarthy

May 13, 1951

Student groups invite Max Lerner and Senator Joe McCarthy to speak on campus. McCarthy, sponsored by the Young Republicans Club, was heckled off of the stage after likening Gen. Douglas MacArthur to Genghis Khan and the Capital Times to the Daily Worker.

Read the Daily Cardinal editorial from May 15, 1951. [pdf]