November 10, 1934

On the “eve of Armistice Day,” several hundred students stage an anti-ROTC, anti-militarism, and anti-war parade from the Union to the Capitol and back, followed by a mass meeting on the lower campus.

Hotel Loraine, 1935.
Hotel Loraine, 1935.

December 5, 1934

Students protest at the Loraine Hotel over its refusal to accommodate African-American members of the traveling cast of Marc Connelly’s play “Green Pastures.”

April 12, 1935

Over 800 students leave their 11 o’clock classes for anti-war rally in Music Hall.

January 8, 1937

1,000 students strike and disrupt classes, march to the Capitol, and into Governor Phil La Follette’s office to protest the dismissal of President Glenn Frank by the Board of Regents.

After a two day trial airing concerns about his leadership abilities and style, the Regents had voted 8-7 to dismiss Frank, in what many saw as a primarily political move. See the Chancellors and Presidents for biographical information on all of UW administrators.

April 12, 1937  

500 students take part in a rally organized by the All-Campus Peace Strike Committee.

April 1939

Student outcry helps convince the university to pull out of a track meet in April at the University of Missouri. That school would not allow Ed Smith, a UW African-American hurdler, to compete.

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