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Badger Village

This project tells the story of Badger Village, a housing community for married student veterans and their families located at the Badger Ordnance Works site in Baraboo, Wisconsin from 1946 to 1951. The project consists of excerpts from interviews with UW residence staff, administration, and student veterans and their wives who lived at Badger Village.

Oral History Interviews

Badger Village home interior
Badger Village home interior

Listen to interviews with people who lived in Badger Village. Collection hosted by the UW Digital Collections Center.

  1. Interview #398: Anderson, Donald M. (excerpt) (1991)
  2. Interview #390: Badger Village(1990)
  3. Interview #365: Burns, S. Lee (excerpt) (1983–84)
  4. Interview #360: Halle, Larry (excerpt) (1989)
  5. Interview #281: Hove, Arthur and Biebel, Anne (excerpt) (1991–1992)
  6. Interview #243: Lampman, JoAnn C. (1982)
  7. Interview #66: Luberg, Leroy E. (excerpt) (1975)
  8. Interview #704: Mohr, Doris J. and Mohr, James W. (2004)
  9. Interview #112: Zillman, Theodore W. (excerpt) (1977)


Badger Village 1945-1952 on YouTube.

View Badger Village 1945-1952 transcript. [pdf]



The Oral History Program staff has complied an album of clips about life in Badger Village. An abridged transcripts of the clips is also available.

  1. Veteran Housing Crisis: Hove, Arthur (281)
  2. Background: Zillman, Theodore W. (112)
  3. How Larry Halle Became Manager: Halle, Larry (360)
  4. First Impressions: Young, Phyllis S.
  5. Two Types of Housing: Halle, Larry (360)
  6. Overall Impressions: Mohr, Doris J. & Mohr, John W. (704)
  7. Rough Living: Lampman, JoAnn C. (243)
  8. Laundry & Cooking: Johnson, Marjorie K
  9. Truax & Badger Buses: Korach, Robert S. (443)
  10. Bus & Class Schedule: Lemberger, August P
  11. Hitchhiking Back to Baraboo: Anderson, Donald M. (398)
  12. Bus Experience: Johnson, Marjorie K
  13. Winters & Summers: Johnson, Marjorie K
  14. Studying: Lemberger, August P
  15. Meeting President E.B. Fred: Lemberger, August P
  16. Diversity: Baime, Peggy
  17. Christmas:  Mohr, Doris J. & Mohr, John W. (704)
  18. Class Announcements on WHA: Johnson, Marjorie K
  19. Schooling for Children: Young, Phyllis S.
  20. Communal Living: Schereck, William J
  21. Swan Lake at the Variety Show: Baime, Peggy
  22. Recreational Sports & Thanksgiving: Lemberger, August P
  23. End of Badger Village: Halle, Larry (360)
  24. Reflections: Mohr, Doris J. & Mohr, John W. (704)