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Using the Collection

Interviews may be consulted by appointment at the Oral History Program at the UW-Madison Archives in Steenbock Library. Contact staff in advance of your visit, as some interviews may be restricted.

Patrons may also order digital copies interviews as .mp3s on CD or shared via or another file-sharing system. Contact the Oral History Program head for information regarding fees and delivery process.


Summaries and Transcripts

Interview summaries are available for each interview. Approximately one eighth of the interviews have been transcribed. We will email copies of tape indexes to patrons free of charge.

Photocopied indexes and transcripts are available for $0.15 per page, plus postage and handling. These may also be shared as PDFs.

Citing an Interview

Footnote or end note: Elizabeth and James Miller, interviewed by Laura Smail, 1985, OH #0316, digital audio file, University Archives and Records Management Services, Madison, Wisconsin.

Bibliography or reference list: Miller, Elizabeth and James. Interviewed by Laura Smail. 1985. OH #0316. Digital audio file. University Archives and Records Management Services, Madison, Wisconsin.

Contact the Oral History Program for more information about citing an interview.

Ada Deer, Oral History #0479
Ada Deer, OH #0479

Gilead Morahg, Oral History #0777
Gilead Morahg, OH #0777

Margaret Bogue, Oral History #0969
Margaret Bogue, OH #0969

Richard Ralston, Oral History #0739 (Restricted)
Richard Ralston, OH #0739 (Restricted)