Oral History Interviews

We add approximately 75-100 new interviews to our collection each year. Interviews range from 45 minutes to 45 hours although 3-5 hours is the average length. Most interviews have been collected as audio-only but we are increasingly collecting audio-video oral histories.

Browse the Collection

Click here to browse the collection of oral histories available through the UW-Madison library catalog.

Search for a Specific Interview

Use the library catalog to discover specific interviews within the collection.

  1. Go to: https://cms.library.wisc.edu/
  2. Click “advanced search”
  3. Key word search “oral history” and the individual’s name (e.g. “oral history” and “Birge”)
  4. Select “sound recordings” (see image #1)
  5. Click “search”
  6. Limit search results to “UW Archives” (see image #2)

Looking for someone specific? Follow steps 1-5 but keyword search on their name + “oral history”.

Oral History search in library catalog
#1 – Oral history search in library catalog
#2 - Oral history interview search
#2 – Oral history search in library catalog

Browse the Collection by Series

Some interviews were collected as part of a larger effort to document specific themes related to UW campus history. View the list of currents Series:

Oral History Interviews – Series

For further assistance searching for oral history interviews in the library catalog, contact the Oral History Program Head or call 608-890-1899.