About the Archives

The primary purpose of the Archives is to: preserve UW records and information of permanent historical value, provide records management services and serve as an educational resource encouraging administrative and scholarly research.

Our collections include over 33,000 linear feet of paper and published material; 1,200 linear feet of photographic media (circa 2.5 million photos); 4,000 linear feet of audio/visual collections (circa 4,500 films/videos and 8,500 audio recordings); over 2,100 oral histories; and various other materials such as  memorabilia, campus publications and other University of Wisconsin-Madison records.

How may we help you?

  • Research assistance: Let us help you research topics related to UW history.
  • Collection development and preservation: Donate your campus history-related items to the Archives. We will preserve and make them available to future generations of researchers interested in UW history.
  • Media/digitization: Need images or audio to enhance your story, spruce up your Web site or help celebrate a department milestone? Make an appointment to review our media collections!
  • Records management services: Our records manager works with UW departments to organize and accession official University records.
  • Oral history program: Tell us YOUR story related to campus history!

For more information, contact the Archives at uwarchiv@library.wisc.edu or 608-262-5629.

Extension Center Campus Capers, 1952, #S09452
Extension Center Campus Capers, 1952, #S09452
Lincoln Statue viewed from Bascom Hall, #S02411
Lincoln Statue viewed from Bascom Hall, #S02411
Ice skating on Library Mall, #S12109
Ice skating on Library Mall, #S12109
Memorial Union 25th anniversary, 1953, #dn03082211
Memorial Union 25th anniversary, #dn03082211
Karl Paul Link, 1945. #S00093
UW professor Karl Paul Link, 1945. #S00093