From Books to Bombs: Student Romance in Peace & War

November 5, 2015

Little else sets our souls aflame at UW-Archives than finding a mysterious love letter. And nothing surpasses a love letter that mentions the campus itself.

Last week, our student staff extraordinaire, Jill S., found such a missive while cataloging part of a new collection donated by WAA. It was addressed simply to “Darling” and penned neatly on the back of a summertime scene of Memorial Union Terrace.

“I love you,” its author confided, “- and as long as students sit on this terrace, drink their cokes and curse their exams, I’ll go on loving you.” (Undergraduate love birds, take note! May this letter be a worthy model for your forays into romantic wooing.)

The note was signed only “Jeré.” And the neat envelope bearing it and other memorabilia bore no mention of the letter writer’s full name…

Follow our journey to uncover this campus mystery!

From Books to Bombs: Student Romance in Peace & War

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