Category: history of print culture

  • New Exhibit: Plants Plantations Labor Trade

    Posted on Jan 27th

    We welcome you to our new exhibit,  Plants  Plantations  Labor  Trade: An Exhibit of Holdings of the UW-Madison Libraries and Wisconsin Historical Society […]

  • Showing Ghosts Everywhere

    Posted on Oct 31st

    We join others who have encountered J. H. Brown’s Spectropia, or, Surprising spectral illusions: Showing ghosts everywhere, and of any colour in […]

  • Owls for Halloween

    Posted on Oct 30th

    Though our abundant holdings of illustrated ornithological works feature many an owl, this Halloween we turn instead to Hootie Toots of Hollow Tree […]

  • More about World Religions

    Posted on Apr 17th

    In the current exhibit in Special Collections, Preserving the Word: World Religions in our Libraries, our colleagues Thomas Durkin, Todd Michelson-Ambelang, and Lisa Wettleson […]

  • Stains in Special Collections

    Posted on Dec 12th

    The presentation about the Library of Stains project on December 13 prompts us to look at different sorts of stains in Special Collections […]

  • “Cries of London” in the Thordarson Collection

    Posted on Aug 14th

    While our Thordarson Collection is perhaps best known for its holdings of science and natural history on the one hand and Iceland […]

  • “Walden” on July 12, 2017: Henry David Thoreau’s 200th Birthday

    Posted on Jul 12th

    The UW-Madison Libraries recently acquired a true first edition of Thoreau’s Walden, Or Life in the Woods published in 1854 by the […]

  • To Celebrate Thoreau’s 200th Birthday

    Posted on Jul 12th

    To celebrate Henry David Thoreau’s 200th birthday, we offer a preview of a new acquisition, the first edition of Walden, or, Life in […]

  • A New Year’s Wreath (of Sorts)

    Posted on Jan 3rd

    New Year’s greetings! Decorative covers of some of our many gift books and annuals figure in the the online project Publishers’ Bindings […]

  • Special Collections Hours in Late December

    Posted on Dec 21st

    In the last week of December and in early January, the Special Collections reading room and exhibit area will be open reduced […]

  • Earthquakes as Explored in the Early Philosophical Transactions (& Elsewhere)

    Posted on Aug 31st

    The recent devastating earthquake and aftershocks in Italy reminded us of the attention paid to earthquakes at the Royal Society of London […]

  • The Long S, Now Largely Extinct

    Posted on Oct 4th

    We had the opportunity last week to page through two volumes of our copy of Audubon’s double-elephant folio Birds of America with […]