Category: history of print culture

  • Lunar Eclipses as Viewed from Special Collections

    Posted on Sep 27th

    Tonight’s lunar eclipse, which coincides with what is known as a harvest moon, prompts us to offer several examples of depictions of lunar eclipses […]

  • Digitizing the Second Folio

    Posted on Sep 23rd

    The process of digitizing our copy of Shakespeare’s Second Folio is underway, in anticipation of all the events, on campus and further […]

  • Yeats’ “Green Helmet”

    Posted on Sep 12th

    The current exhibit in Special Collections, entitled “Green Green — It’s Green They Say,” has heightened our awareness of both references to the color green […]

  • Holding History Kickoff Event

    Posted on Aug 12th

    We were delighted to welcome the July 21 kickoff Holding History event, which brought together campus and community partners and library donors with […]

  • Snow Supplement

    Posted on Dec 23rd

    Since we in Madison are not destined to have much if any snow this week, enjoying instead temperatures in the upper 30s […]

  • Honoring the Sukov Collection

    Posted on Oct 24th

    The history of the Little Magazines Collection in Special Collections began in the late 1950s, when Memorial Library acquired by purchase and donation […]

  • The Mendota Seminar, the Works of Shakespeare, and Special Collections

    Posted on Jun 20th

    We are delighted to welcome to Special Collections one session of this summer’s Mendota Seminar and to continue our collaboration with Prof. […]

  • A “Hard Frost” and George Cruikshank

    Posted on Jan 21st

    An exhibit in Special Collections several years ago, entitled “Stormy Weather,” featured a case with volumes of George Cruikshank’s Comic almanack, one per month […]

  • Regiomontanus in the Nuremberg Chronicle

    Posted on May 4th

    In a recent colloquium held in Special Collections, Prof. Michael Shank of the Department of History of Science, pointed out the portrait […]

  • “Parts and Wholes” Exhibit Ends on Friday, March 29

    Posted on Mar 21st

    The Special Collections exhibit “Parts and Wholes” ends next Friday, March 29. We hope you will take the opportunity during spring break […]

  • Gallery Talk on March 8 for “Parts and Wholes” Exhibit

    Posted on Feb 21st

    On March 8, 2013, at 4:30 p.m., Judith Kaplan, Ph.D., guest co-curator for the exhibit “Parts and Wholes,” will offer a gallery […]

  • Work of Silver Buckle Press on Display — and Kudos to Tracy Honn

    Posted on Feb 8th

    The current exhibit in Special Collections, “Parts and Wholes,” explores part/whole relationships, weaving together examples from the sciences and from print culture. […]