Specimen book from the SBP collection Chicago No. 11, small printing press B-42 Type

The Silver Buckle Press collection includes all the tools necessary to run a complete printing shop. Highlights of the collection are an 1860s Washington Hoe, an 1869 Albion handpress, and a Golding Official No. 6. There are over eighty complete fonts of wood type and one hundred twenty-five fonts of metal type as well as printer’s ornaments, borders and cuts.

Recent notable acquisitions are Dale Guild’s B-42 Blackletter, a face based on the forms used by Johann Gutenberg for the 42-line Bible, and Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum’s 10-line wood type Van Lanen and Van Lanen Streamer designed by Matthew Carter.

Silver Buckle Press houses a collection of printing history materials including type specimen foundry catalogs. Cataloged books are searchable in The Library Catalog and WorldCat. The Silver Buckle Press Collection contains many digitized volumes.