DEI Micro-Courses Available to Campus Community

June 29, 2021

The Office of Inclusion Education and UW-Madison Libraries, have partnered to develop two online micro-courses to expand your knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  These non-graded, self-paced and interactive professional learning objects aim to expand learners’ knowledge of social justice, including race in your classroom and facilitating discussions around racial topics.

The two new courses are:

  • Reflecting on Social Justice Foundational ConceptsThis micro-course focuses on some of the foundational concepts helpful for fostering deeper self-awareness and understanding of other social justice topics. This developmentally sequenced course is intended as a place for reflection on one’s own experience at a pace that feels manageable to each person who completes it. Lessons include social identity, socialization, implicit bias, and micro-messaging. If you are already familiar with some of these concepts, challenge yourself to consider them from new angles or identities. 
  • Including and Navigating Race in the ClassroomThis micro-course focuses on the importance of diverse representation in classroom materials, integrating materials into courses, and facilitating conversations around racial topics. This developmentally sequenced course is intended as a starting point for an iterative process of continuous development on best practices for inclusive classrooms. The level of content in this micro-course is appropriate for graduate students and staff 

If you’d like to see our other micro-course offerings designed with graduate student skills in mind visit our inventory website.  If you have ideas for future DEI micro-courses for development please contact us.