University of Wisconsin–Madison Libraries Announce New Native Nations Courtesy Card

February 28, 2020

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries have had the honor of participating in several learning opportunities through the campus Our Shared Future initiative. Along with hosting the Our Shared Future marker, collaborating on several presentations that provided more significant learning opportunities about Native Nations culture, and the creation of various exhibits, the Libraries were presented with a wonderful chance to make an impact through the initiative.

Through the partnerships related to Our Shared Future, the Libraries received the suggestion of creating a new courtesy borrowing card, specifically for Native Nations. With guidance from partners in the Ho-Chunk community, the UW-Madison Libraries recently expanded community borrowing card options with the introduction of the Native Nations Courtesy Card.

This card will allow individuals to enter Memorial Library without frequency limitations and gives the option to check out most materials owned by the UW-Madison Libraries for four weeks at a time, up to a total period of 12 weeks.

This card is specifically available to members of an indigenous tribe that provides its members with tribally-issued IDs, located within the United States. Applicants will receive an email when the card is ready and is available for pick up at Memorial Library (728 State Street, Madison, WI). Upon pick up, the applicant will need to present their tribally-issued ID. If it is not a photo ID, then the applicant will need to submit another form of photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.

We hope this the addition of this borrowing card increases access for the Native Nations community. The Libraries are grateful for the opportunity to continue working toward developing and sustaining a culture that reflects and honors diversity.

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