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Every year, the UW Libraries look forward to welcoming students, staff, and faculty to back campus – whether they are returning Badgers, transfer students, international students, new faculty and staff, or freshman. Each and every individual makes this campus great.

The UW Libraries encourage everyone to get involved in campus, beginning with the special events associated with the Wisconsin Welcome. Running August 29 – October 18, 2015, the Wisconsin Welcome is designed to help new and returning Badgers get into the swing of the academic year, and give everyone a chance to make new friends while exploring the great opportunities the University offers. It’s in the Wisconsin spirit that the UW Libraries invites you to take part in not only our Welcome Back events, but the great events we have throughout the year!

Library Events:

Around Campus:

  • Visit the full Wisconsin Welcome Schedule here.
  • Center for the First Year Experience news.


Students enjoy pizza during the House Party.

Miguel Ruiz teaching at College Library