My Account

Your Library Account is your record of the items you have checked out. Use this service to:

  • view UW-Madison or other UW System items currently checked out*
  • view due dates
  • renew items
  • view the status of library requests
  • view current fines or fees
  • pay fines online

*Items requested through interlibrary loan will appear in your Interlibrary Loan Account.

Signing In / Out

Select Login at the upper right of the Library website.

location of login option on top right of all wesbite pages
UW-Madison affiliates log in with a UW-Madison NetID or UW-Extension NetID. Other UW-Madison card holders (without NetIDs) may log in with their Library Card account (last name and the number on their library card.)

Log out and close your web browser to ensure that you have signed out of your account and other campus services that may be open.

Renewing Items

To extend the loan of an item you have checked out, often you may renew it. Click Renew next to the appropriate items or Renew All at the upper right of the page.

Verify Your Renewal

Be sure to check the status message to verify the item(s) has been renewed. If the item status does not indicate ‘Renewed’, one of the following occurred:

  • You have reached the renewal limit
  • The item you want to renew is not eligible for renewal
  • You are trying to renew the item too early (this applies to semester loans)

Items that cannot be renewed include:

  • Items that have reached renewal limit
  • Items that have been recalled by another user
  • Reserve materials

If you have questions or would like more information, contact Circulation Support.

When May I Renew?

UW-Madison faculty, staff and graduate students with semester loans may request renewals about four weeks prior to the due date.

Undergraduates and other patrons with 28-day loans may renew at any time, however, waiting until the due date to renew results in the maximum extended loan period.

Pending Requests

The Pending Requests section will list all items currently requested from UW-Madison and other UW System libraries.

After placing a request, brief messages in your account will update you on the status of your request:


Items Available for Pickup

You will receive an email when the item you’ve requested is ready for pickup, and the updated status will appear in your account. Please wait for the email notification as some items may still be in transit.

Items will be held for 30 days after email notification.


Recalled Items

An item you have checked out may be recalled by another patron if another copy is unavailable at UW-Madison or another UW System library.

  • The original due date will be changed and you will be notified about returning the item early (you are guaranteed a checkout of at least 14 days)
  • In your Library Catalog Account, the item’s status will be listed as Recall Request
  • You may not renew an item that has been recalled by another patron

Blocked Accounts

You may be blocked from logging in to your Library Catalog Account, placing requests, or accessing specific databases through the Libraries.

Some reasons for a blocked account are:

  • An item you have checked out has been recalled by another patron, and is now overdue
  • There are three or more lost items on your record (from UW-Madison and/or other UW System libraries)

If you have questions about a blocked account, contact Circulation Support.

Fines and Fees

Fines may be paid online, in person, by phone or by mail. See the Fines and Holds web page more for more information.