Fines and Holds


  • Pay Fines Online through your Library Account.
    • Online fine payment by credit card requires a valid NetID.
      NOTE: Online payments do not take effect immediately. Payments will be applied to your library account and student record holds will be lifted the following business day. To be sure your payment has been processed, check your email for a confirmation. During business hours, you may call the Circulation Office to have your hold removed immediately following payment
  • In Person
    • Fines are paid at the Circulation Office in Memorial Library. Fines can be paid with Visa, MasterCard, or cash.
      NOTE: Fines incurred from the State Historical Society Library must be paid at the Historical Society.
  • By Phone

Account Holds

Overdue materials can result in a hold being placed on your record. This will prevent you from being able to…

  • register for classes
  • get your transcripts
  • get your diploma
  • access to online resources (in some cases)

For help in resolving an account hold, contact the Circulation Office in Memorial Library. If the hold has been placed by the Wisconsin Historical Society Library, you may be referred to them for further problem solving.