Grants to Libraries

The Grant to Libraries Program funds projects based on competitive scholarly proposals. Non-GLS libraries may request funding up to $1,250.00 for grants that are intended for acquisition and conservation of campus library materials, although other projects will be considered. These grant proposals are evaluated by a committee of board members and voted on by the full board of directors.

Most grants will now be available to NON-GLS libraries ONLY.  This change will allow Friends funds to be directed toward other areas of strategic need, such as international travel for the purchase of materials and unique projects which highlight our collections.  One reason this change possible is that the GLS budget has allocated contingency funds to support the same kinds of things the Friends’ Grants to Libraries used to support.

A GLS library in need of acquisition funding should contact Doug Way, Associate University Librarian – Collections and Research Services.  For preservation requests, please see Andrea Rolich, our Preservation Librarian.  These individuals are responsible for applying to the Friends for GLS funding.

Friends grants have funded initiatives ranging from vacuuming books to purchasing children’s books for inter-library loan. Some grants have been used for more technical purposes, such as purchasing ultraviolet shields for fluorescent lights.

To apply for a grant, download the 2019-Call for Applications Grants to Libraries. The annual grant application deadline is midnight on September 10.

Past Grants to Libraries Awards 

Since the Grants to Libraries program began in 1997, the Friends of the Libraries has awarded 362 grants totaling over $330,000.00 to UW-Madison campus libraries.

2018 Awards

Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies

Preservation of select historic materials

Wisconsin Center for Film & Theater

Preservation of The Faye Emerson Show

Wisconsin Zoological Museum

Preservation of biological wall charts

Center for Limnology Library

Preservation of historic materials

American Indian Studies Library

Acquisition of specified materials

Memorial Library Preservation 

Repair and stabilization of the Harris Collection, Geography over sized volumes, and Special Collection pieces

South Asian Studies, Jewish Studies

Acquisition of materials in India

German Language Humanities

Acquisition of materials in Germany

2017 Awards

Wisconsin State Herbarium

Acquisition of reference materials

Journalism Reading Room

Preservation of materials

Center for Limnology Library

Preservation of historic records

American Indian Studies Program Library

Acquisition of contemporary materials

Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies

Preservation and conservation services

University Archives

Preservation of the Howard Temin papers

Anthropology, Folklore, and Sociology Librarian

Acquisition of electronic handbooks

Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian

Acquisition of contemporary materials

Kohler Art Library

Acquisition of Julie Chen’s Chrysalis

Department of Special Collections

Acquisition of medieval manuscript leaves

Western European History

Acquisition of reference materials

2016 Awards

MERIT Library

Acquisition of set of nonfiction series on countries of the world

Middle Easter and Central Asian Studies

Acquisition of the digital “Euromaidan Protests in Ukraine, 2013-2014” ephemera collection

LGBT Campus Center

Acquisition of educational materials

German Languages and Literature

Acquisition of full-text electronic access to primary source publications and letters

Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies

Preservation of several 19th century publications

Gender and Women’s Studies Library

Acquisition of 3 comprehensive encyclopedias and a reference handbook

Kohler Art Library

Acquisition of Panorama, an artist’s book of environmental issues

American Indian Studies Library

Acquisition of contemporary materials

Collections Library

Acquisition of 3 volumes of “European Theatre Performance Practice”

Special Collections

Acquisition of photographic Vintage Postcards of English actresses

Geography Library

Acquisition of a reference handbook

University Archives

Preservation of materials related to civil rights organizations and activities on campus

2015 Awards

American Indian Studies Program Library

Purchase of contemporary materials

Anthropology Collection

Purchase of e-book collection, Oxford Handbook in Archaeology: Foundation Collection

East Asian Studies

Acquisition of titles relating to the Chinese Anti-Rightist Movement.

Geography Library

Acquisition of updated state, topographic, and gazetteer atlases

Geology and Geophysics Library

Acquisition of international geological maps

German Language Humanities Collection 

Purchase of Bibliographical Annals: Literature in the Soviet Union Occupation Zone and GDR, 1945-1990.

Japanese Studies

Purchase set of reproduction of auction catalogs of East Asian art pieces.

Kohler Art Library, Rider

Acquisition of illuminated manuscript facsimiles

Law Library

Purchase of vacuum for preservation project

LGBT Campus Center Resource Library

Purchase of materials for collection development

Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies

Preservation of select historic materials.

Classical Studies and Romance Languages Collection

Purchase of database Brill’s Encyclopedia of Neo-Latin World Online

Slavic Studies Collection

Purchase of electronic back file of Russkaia literature

University Archives

Preservation of fragile memorabilia

Wisconsin State Herbarium Library

Acquisition of flora and taxonomic guides.

Wisconsin Water Library

Purchase of materials for academic research and outreach education.

2014 Awards

In 2014 the board of directors approved 16 grant proposals totaling $11,000.

American Indian Studies Library
The purchase of contemporary materials

Comparative Literature/Folklore Department- Memorial Library
Acquisition of Gaelic Books in support of new Comp Lit/Folklore Department Celtic studies courses

Department of Special Collections- Memorial Library
Assessment, flattening, and polyester film encapsulation/matting for posers acquired recently as a part of the Woodland Pattern Book Center archive

East Asian Studies Library
Purchase of Chinese Ocean territorial literature sequel: Taiwan, Liuqiu, Hong Kong and Macao title

German Language Humanities
Purchase of 3 volumes by Martin Opitz

Japanese Studies- Memorial Library
Purchase of an illustrated guidebook for international travel

Kohler Art Library
Purchase of Mining my Antonia by Barbara Tetenbaum

LGBT Campus Center Resource Library
To acquire target items (books and movies) for the Resource Library that are not held at UW Madison

Mills Music Library
Address the condition of a rare book received from Wisconsin Historical Society (1856 edition)

Physics Library
Purchase monographs in popular physics

Silver Buckle Press
Acquisition of type from Moore Wood Type

SLIS-Laboratory Library
Acquisition of monographs for the SLIS Library to support teaching, research and service in the area of tribal libraries, archives/museums, and related topics

Social Work Library
Purchase of Invisible Young and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression

Steenbock Library
Purchase print copies of the award winning cookbook titles from the 2013 James Beard Foundation Book Awards, often referred to as The Oscars of Food

Wendt Commons Special Collections
Preservation of rare materials

Western European History and Social Sciences Library
Preservation funding for The Continental Times

To learn more about the Grants-to-Libraries Program, please contact the Friends at 265-2505, or via the Friends Contact Form.