Overdues and Fines

Fines for laptops, cameras, and projectors are paid online through the Laptop Checkout System with Visa or MasterCard.

Fines on other library items may be paid in person, online, by phone or by mail. More information is available on the Libraries’ Fines page.

Lost Items

Report lost College Library items to the first floor Circulation Desk.

Report lost Computer & Media Center items to the Computer & Media Center desk.

If the item(s) is not located, the system will apply a minimum replacement charge of $100.00 28 days after the due date. If the item is returned after the replacement charge has been assessed, the replacement charge will be cancelled or refunded. In most instances, a new replacement copy of the lost item will be accepted instead of paying the replacement charge. If you wish to pursue this option, contact Bruce Broker (bruce.broker@wisc.edu) for Computer and Media Center items or Thomas Adeetuk (thomas.adeetuk@wisc.edu) for all other College Library items.


To appeal a fine, use the Appeal of Library Charges form.

Non-payment Penalties

If you do not pay your charges, the following may happen:

  • You may not be able to register for classes
  • Your diploma may be withheld
  • Your transcript may be withheld
Overdue charge Minimum charge Maximum charge
Open Book Videos (14 day) $2.00 a day $2.00 $50.00
Reserve items (3 day) $5.00 a day $5.00 $50.00
Reserve items (2 hour) $2.00 an hour $2.00 $50.00
28 day/semester items None None None
Magazines and Bound Magazines
(in library use only)
None None None
Laptops, iPads, all cameras, projectors, voice recorders $20.00 a day $20.00 $400.00
External Hard Drives (14 day) $2.00 a day $2.00 $50.00
Computer & Media Collection (1 day) $5.00 a day $5.00 $50.00
Computer & Media Collection (3 day) $5.00 a day $5.00 $50.00
Video Games (14 day) $2.00 a day $2.00 $50.00
Board Games (7 day) $5.00 a day $5.00 $50.00
Lockers (1 day) $5.00 a day $5.00 $50.00