Recording Booth Now Available

September 27, 2022

Need to record an interview for class? Want to become the next #1 podcaster? College Library is pleased to announce the launch of a new service; a recording booth is now available for reservation in Room 2256 of the computer lab.

Users of the space will find:

  • A RØDECaster Pro, microphones, and headphones
  • Newly installed furniture and sound absorption paneling
  • A quick start guide with a link to a feedback form.
  • An iPad display in a stand outside the space showing reservations
  • The option to make a reservation through the study room app

Things to know about the space:

  • There is no included computer since the majority of users will want to record onto their personal devices. (Laptops can be borrowed from the computer lab if you don’t have a device.)
  • The reservations are set for one hour at a time.
  • Audio recording activities will be given preference in the space.

Feedback on this space can be directed to

Questions can be directed to

Recording booth set-up in College’s computer lab