Today’s Finals Event

May 10th, 2011

Tuesday’s event is: Study Strong with Puppy Power! Volunteers from Dogs on Call will be here from 3-7pm with pooches guaranteed to stay calm even if rushed by dozens of stressed out students. Take a break, pet (or hug) a dog, and enjoy the proven therapy that pets can provide.

The photo booth is out for you to use on your own for the remainder of the week. Pose with Helen C. White or Bucky and your personalized Study Strong message. We’ll feature selected images on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. You can also email photos to us at or submit them online.

Coloring pages are still available for posting Bucky’s Finals Week “protest signs” that you can attach using blue painter’s tape (with no damage!) to the Information Desk as we build a collection of different ways to say “This is what Study Strong looks like!”
Here is a complete list of College Library’s Finals Week Events.

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