Wisconsin Book Festival Events

September 27th, 2010

Join us at College Library this Saturday, October 2nd, for several Wisconsin Book Festival events.

The annual Madison Zine Fest, a day of selling, trading and sharing self-published works of art and literature promoting creativity and freedom of speech, will run from 11am to 6pm in the Open Book, Room 1250. There will be over forty exhibitors from across the country with samples of their zines. For more information, see their Web site.

In Room 1193 at 12:30pm, graphic novelist Barbara Slate will present “Barbara Slate Workshop for Teens: You Can Do a Graphic Novel!” and at 3pm Slate will meet with teachers about incorporating graphic novels into the classroom curriculum.

In addition to the workshops, several presentations are scheduled for the vending area adjacent to Room 1250. Featured speakers include:

1-3pm · Stephen Perkins, “Sniffing Glue: Parallel Histories, 1976-77”
Framed within the two-year period, in which Mark Perry published his infamous UK punk zine Sniffing Glue, Stephen Perkins’ presentation will be a hands-on workshop that examines other innovative periodicals published by artists during these two years.

3-5pm · Anthony Rayson will explain how and why zines can be used as a component of free school education. Emphasizing prisoner zines, since prisoners are not allowed access to computers, Rayson will introduce a some terrific prison writers and artists. He will also read parts of a few letters from prisoners, explaining what zines mean to them, which is basically – everything!

5-6pm · C. Matthew Luther will discuss the use of zines from poetry to political activism and the importance of the creator as an independent artist and press. Luther will also touch on the past, present and future of zines, as well the importance of the Xerox machine and its invention and evolution.

Overall, a day of creativity! For more information about the book festival, and to register for Barbara Slate’s 12:30pm workshop, see the Web site.

Hope to see you this Saturday!

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