Digital Salon in Open Book

April 25, 2010

Podcasts, experimental videos, graphic novels and essays, websites, blogs, multimedia installations, posters, and more. The heart of the Digital Salon is a one-week exhibition of new media work by UW graduate and undergraduate students, being held in College Library’s Open Book Café from April 25-30.

The Digital Salon brings together students, faculty, and staff to showcase artistic and research-based projects that take digital form or rely heavily on IT in the production process. The event is organized by the Digital Humanities Initiative and the UW-Madison Libraries, with additional support from DoIT and the Anonymous Fund.

The Exhibition is going on now. While some of the materials in the exhibit are hands-on – like the Graphic Essays, a major portion of the Exhibition is online. For more information about the exhibition and the accompanying Symposium, scheduled for Friday, April 30, in the Memorial Library Commons, please see their website.

Digital Salon Exhibition