Campus Addresses Eligible for Remote Delivery

This table provides campus addresses that are eligible to use Remote Delivery. Sort on either column by clicking on the header of that column, or search the table by entering text in the search box.

If your campus address is not listed, you can have library materials delivered to any of over a dozen library locations. Locations may vary during breaks, but the full list will be displayed when you request an item in the catalog.

Location Name Street Address
American Family Children's Hospital 1675 Highland Ave
American Parkway 4600 4600 American Pkwy
Apartment Facilities Office 2902 Haight Rd
Apartment Facilities Storage 200 Eagle Heights Dr
Arboretum 2851 Longenecker Dr
Arboretum-McKay Center 2880 Longenecker Dr
Arboretum-Shelter House 2802 Longenecker Dr
Art Lofts 111 N Frances St
Athletic Operations Building 25 N Breese Ter
Band Storage Building 710 Walnut St
Biotron Laboratory 2115 Observatory Dr
Brittingham Estate-Carriage House 6021 S Highlands Ave
Brittingham Estate-House 6021 S Highlands Ave
Brittingham Estate-Squash House 6021 S Highlands Ave
Brittingham Estate-Tool House 6021 S Highlands Ave
Camp Randall Sports Center 1430 Monroe St
Camp Randall Stadium 1440 Monroe St
Capitol Ct 1220 1220 Capitol Ct
Centennial Research Facility 510 Walnut St
Cereal Crops Research Unit 502 Walnut St
Charmany Dr 510 510 Charmany Dr
Commercial Ave 1743 1743 Commercial Ave
Dairy Barn 1915 Linden Dr
Dairy Forage Research Center-US 1925 Linden Dr
Delaplaine Ct 1100 1100 Delaplaine Ct
Eagle Heights Eagle Hts
Emil St 1402 1402 Emil St
Engineering Centers Building 1550 Engineering Dr
Engineering Research Building 1500 Engineering Dr
Environment Health and Safety Building 30 East Campus Mall
Enzyme Institute 1710 University Ave
Excelsior Dr 8010 8010 Excelsior Dr
Field House 1450 Monroe St
Fluno Center for Executive Education 601 University Ave
Forest Products Laboratory One Gifford Pinchot Dr
Goodman Softball Main Building 2415 University Bay Dr
Goodman Softball-Storage Building 3 2405 University Bay Dr
Goodman Softball-Ticket Booth 2435 University Bay Dr
Goodnight Hall, Scott H 1975 Willow Dr
Gordon Dining & Event Center 770 W Dayton St
Greenhouse-Walnut St 525 Walnut St
Gymnasium-Natatorium (Inactive) 2000 Observatory Dr
Gymnasium-Natatorium 2 1976 Observatory Dr
Harvey Street Apts 2900 Harvey St
Herrick Dr 502 502 Herrick Dr
Herrick Dr 505 505 Herrick Dr
Herrick Dr 509 509 Herrick Dr
Kellner Hall 1440 Monroe St
Kohl Center, The 601 W Dayton St
LaBahn Arena 105 East Campus Mall
Lake Wingra-Storage Shed 905 Knickerbocker St
Lifesaving Station 144 E Gilman St
Linden Dr 1910 1910 Linden Dr
Linden Dr 1932 1932 Linden Dr
Linden Dr 2105 2105 Linden Dr
Linden Dr 2115 2115 Linden Dr
Main St W 634 634 W Main St
Maquina Sculpture Service Building Engineering Mall
Marsh Ct 15 15 Marsh Ct
Marshall Ct 2701 2701 Marshall Ct
Marshall Ct 2707 2707 Marshall Ct
Marshall Ct 2828 2828 Marshall Ct
Martin Luther King Blvd 210 210 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
McClain Athletic Facility 1475 Engineering Dr
McClimon Memorial Track Press Box 702 Walnut St
Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery 1933 Observatory Dr
Meat Science Temporary Trailer (Inactive) 1939 Observatory Dr
Mechanical Engineering Building 1513 University Ave
Meriter-Capital 309 W Washington Ave
Meriter-Park 202 S Park St
Midvale Blvd N 310 310 N Midvale Blvd
Mineral Point Rd 3817 3817 Mineral Point Rd
Monroe St 1433 1433 Monroe St
Monroe St 1930 1930 Monroe St
Nicholas Recreation Center 797 W Dayton St
Nicholas-Johnson Pavilion and Plaza 601 W Dayton St
Ogg Residence Hall, Frederic A 835 W Dayton St
Olin Ave E 122 122 E Olin Ave
Olin House 130 N Prospect Ave
Park St N 21 21 N Park St
Park St S 1 1 S Park St
Park St S 20 20 S Park St
Park St S 2238 2238 S Park St
Park St S 2300 2300 S Park St
Phillips Residence Hall, Vel 1950 Willow Dr
Physical Plant-Grounds Storage 515 Herrick Dr
Physical Plant-Grounds Storage 2 520 Herrick Dr
Physical Plant-Grounds Storage 3 506 Herrick Dr
Picnic Point-Bath House 2000 University Bay Dr
Police and Security Facility 1429 Monroe St
Poultry Research Laboratory 1925 Observatory Dr
Primate Center, Wisconsin 1223 Capitol Ct
Psychiatric Inst Temporary Trailer 6003 Research Park Blvd
Rec Sports Temporary Building 1603 University Bay Dr
Regent St 740 (Inactive) 740 Regent St
Regent St 780 (Inactive) 780 Regent St
Research Park Blvd 5901 5901 Research Park Blvd
Rosa Rd S 504 504 S Rosa Rd
Schuman Shelter, Carl 2025 Willow Dr
Science Dr 440 440 Science Dr
Science Dr 455 455 Science Dr
Science Dr 545 545 Science Dr
Science Dr 555-585 585 Science Dr
Science Dr 565-575 575 Science Dr
Shield T3 Temporary Trailer 604 Walnut St
Smith Residence Hall, Newell J 35 N Park St
Soils & Plant Analysis Laboratory 8452 Mineral Point Rd
State Lab of Hygiene-Agriculture Dr 2601 Agriculture Dr
State Lab of Hygiene-Walton Commons West 2810 Walton Commons West
Storage Shed-Far West Recreation Field 2415 Observatory Dr
Stoughton Rd S 2109 2109 S Stoughton Rd
SVM CIF- Pole Barn 1 5707 Mineral Point Rd
SVM CIF-Barn 3 5707 Mineral Point Rd
SVM CIF-Barn 4 5707 Mineral Point Rd
SVM CIF-Dairy Barn 2 & Lab 5707 Mineral Point Rd
SVM CIF-House 5707 Mineral Point Rd
SVM CIF-Milk House 5707 Mineral Point Rd
SVM CIF-Storage Bldg 1 5707 Mineral Point Rd
SVM CIF-Storage Bldg 2 5707 Mineral Point Rd
Taylor Hall, Henry 427 Lorch St
The American Center 4602 Eastpark Blvd
University Apartments Community Center 611 Eagle Heights Dr
University Ave 1610 1610 University Ave
University Ave 1800 1800 University Ave
University Ave 1848 1848 University Ave
University Ave 1922 1922 University Ave
University Ave 2870 2870 University Ave
University Ave 2880 2880 University Ave
University Ave 3330 3330 University Ave
University Bay Dr 901 901 University Bay Dr
University Houses Univ Houses
University Ridge-All Season Golf 9010 McKee Rd
University Ridge-Club House 9002 McKee Rd
University Ridge-Maintenance Bldg 9060 McKee Rd
University Ridge-Maintenance Bldg 2 9050 McKee Rd
University Ridge-Storage Building 9040 McKee Rd
UW Health Clinic-East Towne 4122 East Towne
UW Health Clinic-West Towne 7102 Mineral Point Rd
UW Health Digestive Health Ctr 750 University Row
UW Health East Clinic 5249 E Terrace Dr
UW Health Odana Atrium 5618 Odana Rd
UW Health West Clinic 451 Junction Rd
UW Hospital Clinic - Research Park 621 Science Dr
UW Medical Foundation 8007 Excelsior Dr
UW Medical Foundation Centennial Building 1685 Highland Ave
UW Psychiatric Institute and Clinics 6001 Research Park Blvd
Vet Med 2 515 Easterday Ln
Vet Medicine Building-Charmany 5801 Mineral Point Rd
Vet Medicine-Charmany-Service Building 5901 Mineral Point Rd
Veterans Administration Hospital 2500 Overlook Ter
Veterinary Diagnostic Lab-WI 445 Easterday Ln
Veterinary Medicine Arena 425 Easterday Ln
Veterinary Medicine Building 2015 Linden Dr
Veterinary Medicine Hay Storage 1985 Linden Dr
Waisman Center 1500 Highland Ave
WARF Office Building 610 Walnut St
Washington Ave W 222 222 W Washington Ave
Washington Ave W 625 625 W Washington Ave
West Recreation Field Service Building 1301 University Bay Dr
WHA AM Transmitter Bldg-Arboretum 1601 Martin St
Whitney Way N 610 610 N Whitney Way
WI Vet Diagnostic Lab-Mad 6101 Mineral Point Rd
Witte Residence Hall 615 W Johnson St