Outcomes & Testimonials


35 students have graduated from ISIP since its inception in 2006. So far, 13 of those graduates have pursued or are planning to pursue a career in an information specialist field.

Testimonials from ISIP Graduates

  • “Being a part of rotational program helped me understand that there are many roles and tasks within a library, and each requires specific knowledge and skills.”  Cara Chongolnee, 2013
  • “The program helped me gain structure and introduced me to a level of professionalism I believe many undergraduate students are not exposed to.”  – Jacob Metoxen, 2009
  • “I believe that the foundation for my future professional path was developed through the ISIP program. Being my first job in an office environment, I gained research and presentation skills that I still use at my job now.”  Matthew Jackson, 2014
  • “ISIP opens a safe space for conversation and the mentors in the program really are role models in these fields. Because of that I was encouraged to use the free applications classes on campus teaching HTML, CSS, and others. I am also leaning towards a Computer Science and Library/Information Science dual degree for my Master’s Degree or degree in a more tech-based field.”  – Corey Black, 2013
  • “My participation in the ISIP program was quite possibly the most transformative experience in my life. I am so grateful for the maturity, professional and workplace etiquette, subject/industry knowledge, and career direction that the program provided. The relationships I gained are lasting and have been integral to my success.”  – Roy Brooks, 2008