Library COVID-19 Dashboard

Library COVID-19 Dashboard
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By the Numbers

  • “Library website visits” are limited to the domain only, as reported by Google Analytics.
  • “Research guide views” include all public sessions recorded for LibGuides.
  • “Ebook chapter views” are based on COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources) statistics for the UW-Madison Libraries’ largest e-book package subscriptions that support the chapter download (Book Report 2) statistics.
  • “Study rooms reserved” include only student-initiated reservations in the online reservation system.
  • “Items checked out” include data from Alma, but not other services or systems like ILL, e-books, or the equipment checkout system.
  • “Library instruction attendees” include all students, faculty and staff who attended an instruction session run by library staff.
  • “Interlibrary loan borrows” includes all books and articles requested from external sources for UW-Madison researchers from July 2016 – June 2017.
  • “Equipment loans” include all equipment circulations (laptop, audio recorders, cameras, game systems, projectors) originating only from the equipment checkout system at library locations (Business, College, Ebling, Memorial, MERIT, Social Science, and Steenbock). [2017 data being collated]
  • “Visits to library infolabs” is the total number of logins at InfoLab workstations in College, Ebling, Memorial, and Steenbock Libraries. This also includes logins on the College WisCEL workstations. [2017 data being collated]
  • “Questions answered” is based on sample data gathered throughout the year from all library service points.