Literature Reviews in the Sciences Micro-course

The Science & Engineering Libraries, in collaboration with The Writing Center, developed an asynchronous, interactive micro-course based on the content of a highly attended in-person workshop, co-taught between the UW Libraries and the UW Writing Center.

This micro-course enables residential and online students to access the content whenever and wherever it is convenient for them to engage, or re-engage, with the topic. Access to this instruction is no longer limited to when the librarian and writing instructor are able to coordinate schedules.

This micro-course explores the skills and tools necessary to research and write a literature review in the sciences, including planning, organization, disciplinary-based source exploration, drafting, and revision. The content for this micro-course was developed by Barb Sisolak (on behalf of the Libraries) and Angela Zito (on behalf of the UW-Madison Writing Center), with Jules Arendsdorf (Teaching & Learning Programs E-Learning Team) assisting with instructional design. 

Additional contact: Angela Zito, UW Writing Center (

  • Value: Empowerment/Encourage experimentation and creativity
  • Value: Empowerment/Allow for flexibility in how staff and managers work
  • Value: Collaboration/Leverage the expertise of library staff

Strategic Directions