Communications and Activities


  • Continued work with specific libraries.
  • May: Wendt Library transitions services to Steenbock Library; Kick-off Somers Social Science Reference Library project; Business Learning Commons opens.
  • January – April: Preparations for Business Learning Commons.
  • Continued from 2017: Communication of Wendt Library services transition.
  • Ongoing: Discussions on Chemistry Library transformation.


  • Continued work with specific libraries.
  • December: Geography Library closes.
  • October: Ruth Ketterer Harris Library closes.
  • July: Business Library temporarily relocates services for construction.
  • January: Collections work at Chemistry commences.

2016 (Project enters implementation phase)

Winter 2015

  • Notification on revised draft recommendations to Provost.
  • Continued communication to stakeholders as necessary
  • Final recommendations – Readiness · Feasibility · Support
  • Conclude the work of the Libraries Consolidation Working Group.
  • Publish final report with recommendations.

Fall 2015

  • Campus Forum to gather feedback on draft recommendations

Summer 2015

  • Draft Report – Draft recommendations for consolidation approaches presented in a report provided to the Provost and Vice Provost.
  • Notification of completion of initial draft recommendations.
  • Update on status of CWG’s activities to campus stakeholders.
  • Consultation with campus stakeholders, Forums · Shared governance groups consultation, for feedback in preparation for initial draft recommendations.

Spring 2015

  • Campus stakeholder forums to update the progress and activities of the CWG (ULC, Shared Gov. Groups, Library Staff).
  • Update on CWG’s progress and efforts (preparation and execution of library manager interviews).
  • Notification of interviews with library managers.

Fall 2014

  • Creation of the CWG – committee charge
  • Joint letter by the Provost and Vice Provost regarding consolidation planning is sent to Deans, Associate Deans, and Directors.
  • Update on the formal creation of the CWG to Library staff, ULC, and campus stakeholders.
  • Notification to Deans, Associate Deans, Directors from Provost / Vice Provost for Libraries seeking support for consolidation measures.