Text Support: A Library Exhibit About Paper


April 15 through June 2013

This exhibit, co-curated by Tracy Honn and Lyn Korenic, illustrated the history, production, and use of paper. The title Text Support is an acknowledgment of the inseparable and essential role paper has played in the history of printing. Without paper there is no physical book. As we discuss the future of the book, reconsideration of paper is timely.

The exhibit in Special Collections focused on the history of handmade and commercial paper and Wisconsin-related industry. Text Support, a multi-library exhibit, also included display cases at the Kohler Art Library, focusing on handmade paper with Wisconsin roots, and the Silver Buckle Press display cases on the 2nd floor of Memorial Library, featuring examples of paper engineering.

Multiple events were held in conjunction with the exhibit, including those sponsored by the Friends of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries.