On Display at Kohler Art Library

January 25, 2016
Pelicans (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) by Gaylord Schanilec
Pelicans (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) by Gaylord Schanilec.

We urge you to visit the Kohler Art Library on campus to view the exhibit “Collected Specimens:  Gaylord Schanilec and Midnight Paper Sales,” curated by Lyn Korenic of the Art Library and Tracy Honn of the Silver Buckle Press. On display there are several works by Schanilec from the private press holdings in Special Collections. “Collected Specimens” is on view in the Art Library through March 13, 2016.

You are also invited to Schanilec’s public lecture Playful Science, to be held in Memorial Library room 126 at 11:30 am on February 15, 2016, the 2nd annual Bernstein Book Arts Lecture.