Print / Scan


The B/W printer accepts print jobs through the wireless network.

All printing is charged through the Wiscard system. You can make a deposit to your account here. To ask for refunds on erroneous charges, please visit the DoIT Printing Problem Refunds page.

B/W Printer

  • Printing costs $0.07/page on standard 8.5X11 paper.
  • The printer name is: SWL_B&W

Color Printer

  • Printing costs $0.60/page on standard 8.5X11 paper and $1.25/page on large 11X17 paper.
  • The printer name is: SWL_Color

Wireless Printing Instructions:


The library has a Scannx flatbed and document feeder scanner, as well as photocopiers that have scanning capability. Scanning is free. The Scannx flatbed scanner can create various document types, including multi-page PDFs, TIFFs, PNGs, and JPEG files. The scanner can reproduce B/W, greyscale, and color. The scanner can email files, it can save to your Google Drive, or you can save to a USB drive.