Alibi for Two

Alibi for Two pays homage to life and love in the long winter nights of the North Woods, where “the new moon is laced/Across its white face/With the winter willows” […]


In these luminous poems, the landscape of the the Illinois prairie and Mississippi bluffs is alive with the memory of the native people who lived and died there. In the […]

The Beauty of This World

The Beauty of This World transports us from the moody gray waters of Lake Michigan and the calming sunsets of Door County to harrowing Irish cliffs and the Wiltshire Dorset […]

The Book of Arabella

With this cycle of interconnected poems, Timothy Walsh has created a luminous tale of enchantment in which Arabella is a housewife who longs to return to her life as a […]


Underneath all the carefully observed the details of life live the larger questions about what it means to be human. B.J. Best’s collection is filled with those details, often rendered […]