Fearing Water

In Fearing Water, Saiser unflinchingly depicts the evolution of a challenging parent-child relationship; each poem is rich with emotion, observation, and Saiser’s steady voice, and serves as a counterpoint to […]

Lemon Bars of Parnassus

With an eye trained on the curious, often quixotic details of a world in which “the only gods left are bandaged and wear glasses / because the old gods are […]

Lottery Ticket

In Lottery Ticket, Heather Corbally Bryant explores themes of love, family, and death with poetic meditations on relationships and the natural world. The luck hinted at in the title guides […]

Small, Imperfect Paradise

In Small, Imperfect Paradise, Dallas Crow unflinchingly explores themes of love, sex, growing up, and growing older. The spine of the narrative is the speaker’s progression through a relationship, from […]

The Lawyer Who Died in The Courthouse Bathroom

In The Lawyer Who Died in the Courthouse Bathroom, Erickson’s muscular poems perform a post-mortem on the titular lawyer with unflinching honesty, digging into personal life failures, the noble work […]

The Mississippi Book of the Dead

In this long poem, Young chronicles a trip along the Mississippi River in seventy-eight stanzas. These vignettes of life on the road—post-retirement and post-Hurricane Katrina— build upon one another and […]

Transport of the Aim

During her life, Celia Thaxter (1835-1894) was one of the most celebrated writers of her time, while Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) was known only to a small cherished group of family […]