2011 (7 titles)

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise by George Young (Parallel Press, 2011) is a poetry collection about birds: the urge to watch them through binoculars and to find their pictures and names in a […]

Journey to Wisconsin: African American Life in Haiku

With Journey to Wisconsin: African American Life in Haiku, Fabu weaves a story of strength, growth, spirituality, and love in her depiction of one family’s journey from Africa, to the […]

Rain Dance

In Rain Dance, the most recent chapbook from Parallel Press, poet Richard Broderick explores the idea of interconnectedness—and that without these connections, we are all lost. Rain Dance offers a […]

The Required Accompanying Cover Letter

The Required Accompanying Cover Letter, by Richard Fein, is the newest collection of poetry published by Parallel Press. Fein’s chapbook explores states of alienation and loneliness through imaginative natural and […]

The Scientific Method

Madison, WI – Themes of curiosity and exploration infuse the poetry in Mary Alexandra Agner’s new collection, The Scientific Method (Parallel Press, 2011). Many of the poems examine the legacy […]

This Small Breathing Coincidence

This Small Breathing Coincidence by Paul Terranova is the newest poetry chapbook published by Parallel Press. Through his poetry, he marvels at the wonders of fatherhood, at the “small / […]

Tricks of Light

In Jeanie Tomasko’s chapbook Tricks of Light, intangibles like love, longing, and spirituality are borne on the wings of birds and bees and illuminated by “the palest of light / […]