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Things I’ve Never Told Anyone

CX Dillhunt

CX Dillhunt was born in Green Bay and grew up happily with his five sisters and six brothers in a big house near the Fox River. Co-editor of Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar: 2006, he is the author of Girl Saints (Fireweed Press, 2004) and co-author with his son, Drew, of the chapbook Double Six (Endeavor, 1994). His prose poem, “On the Way to Riley,” is part of the CD collection PoetSongs: A Wisconsin Year in Poetry & Song (music by Charyl K. Zehfus) performed at the Michael John Kohler Arts Center in 2002.

CX Dillhunt’s haiku are a regular in the international journal Hummingbird: Magazine of the Short Poem, where many of his prairie haiku and travel haiku from Mexico, the Czech Republic, Costa Rica, China, Hungary, Poland, Thailand, and Cambodia are published. His poems have also appeared in many other magazines and journals including Asylum Arts, Exquisite Corpse, Cream City Review, Calliope, Spoon River Quarterly, Assembling, Wisconsin Academy Review, and Wisconsin People and Ideas. CX Dillhunt volunteers as a tutor and poet in the Madison Public Schools and teaches writing at Elderhostel.

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Lake Walk

I am making believe that I am wearing a tie today.
I am making believe the trees can see me wearing a tie today.

I am making believe that it matters to me and to these trees
that I am wearing a tie today.

I am making believe I can see the tie

I am making believe that I am my neck
and I can feel the tie wrapping-

around and around and
I am this tie and I am not too wide and I am just long enough.

I am making believe I am
three colors, sometimes four-red, blue, green, gold, maybe more-

I am 100% silk, an intricate woven pattern-
a Guy Laroche, maybe (I am Fait au Canada!)

I am making believe I am wearing a tie today
and the lake is making believe she sees me.