Aqua Regia

F. J. Bergmann

F.J. Bergmann is mostly from Wisconsin. She claims to have an MFA from the School of the Americas. She has no other connections to academia, but is kind to those who do. Currently she sells used books; in past lives she trained racehorses, illustrated a manual of interesting diseases, and was a rural postal carrier. Blame her for, a local public-service poetry website, as well as her own site,

Her Flash translation, “Lace” was selected for the 2002 Electronic Literature Symposium. In 2003, she received the Rinehart National Poetry Award and her chapbook Sauce Robert was a co-winner in the Pavement Saw Press competition. In 2004 she won the Pauline Ellis Prose Poem Prize. In 2005 she won the Rosebud Mary Shelley Imaginative Fiction Prize.

Her hairstyle is deceptive. One of her pseudopodia can reach all the way from the bedroom to the refrigerator. Her favorite authors all write speculative fiction.

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Great Dream

after losing the latest job
I was talking to a woman at the job
I still had and she said last night
she’d had a wonderful dream
about me

in her dream I had a lovely farm
with barns and green, well-kept fields
growing corn, and herds of goats
and large animals she didn’t recognize
like a cross between horses and dinosaurs
but they were nice

and in the dream she followed me
into the farmhouse and it was beautiful too
everything handmade
a commune of friendly people
all having supper together and she said
it was a really great dream

I dreamed about car accidents and prisons
and that everyone was angry at me