A Visionary’s Company
Many of the poems in Rick Hilles’ chapbook are inspired by historic figures and incidents. Often using the poem as a vehicle for imaginative sympathy, he portrays Swedenborg’s mysterious spiritual […]

Marilyn Annucci’s poems are wryly playful and utterly serious. As she contemplates the threat of serious illness, the poignancy of aging parents, and the elusiveness of life’s purpose, Annucci finds […]

Our Sainted Lady Esther
Matt Welter’s poems blend elements of myth, history, and nature. He artfully rearranges tales of familiar characters, such as harpies, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Wizard of Oz with […]

The Twig Songs
Gwen Ebert’s poems juxtapose the fragility and emotion of human life with that of the natural world. She regrets the loss of “everything I thought/too plain to hold on to” […]

Them Poems
Written during the 1960s, Williams’s Them Poems were so widely diffused into folk culture that they are often presumed to be another product of that prolific author “anonymous.” Here they […]

What Grandmother Says
For many Native people, “grandmother” represents not only a family elder but an elemental creative force pervading life with her wisdom, playful irony, and skillful instruction. J.D. Whitney’s poems give […]