New Faces at the Libraries: Michelle Fisher

March 2, 2022

The UW-Madison Libraries are excited to welcome Michelle Fisher as our new Night and Weekend Supervisor at Memorial Library!

Michelle comes to us with experience troubleshooting complex technical problems and developing and documenting process to make work more efficient gained from her previous position at Epic as a Technical Services Engineer and Technical Coordinator.

By her senior year of college, Michelle knew she wanted to become a librarian but was interested in gaining some real-world experience before embarking on a graduate program, which led her to her job at Epic. When she found the Night and Weekend Supervisor position at the Libraries, she knew it would be the perfect fit for a night owl like herself and would afford her the flexibility to accommodate a graduate program schedule. A few days after starting her position at the Libraries, Michelle was accepted into the UW-Madison iSchool program beginning in Fall 2022.

So far Michelle says her favorite part of working at the Libraries are the variety of people she interacts with every day: supervising student staff, collaborating with permanent staff from various libraries and departments, and serving patrons. She says, “I also enjoy using my problem-solving skills to investigate circulation issues and help patrons access the resources they need.”

Five Fun Facts about Michelle:

  1. Favorite Book: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  2. Something surprising: I played the harp for about 10 years and have dabbled in several other instruments including alto saxophone, percussion, cello, piano, and ukulele.
  3. A perfect day in Madison looks like: A leisurely morning curled up with coffee, my cat Buttercup (named after The Princess Bride), and a good book, followed by an afternoon spent walking or biking around the lakes or spending time with friends at one of the many parks in Madison.
  4. Interesting UW-Madison fact recently learned: bell hooks earned her MA in English from UW-Madison
  5. Looking forward to: Warm weather to return so I can see friends and family safely outdoors!