Fair Use Week Resources

February 24, 2020

February 24-28: Join the UW-Madison Libraries in celebrating Fair Use Week, a global celebration of our right to use in-copyright works for transformative, socially valuable new purposes like scholarship, criticism, and teaching. 

Fair use is employed on a daily basis by students, faculty, librarians, journalists, and all users of copyrighted material. Fair Use Week is a time to promote and recognize the importance of this critical right. How do you use fair use in your daily life? An infographic from the Association of Research Libraries shows just how common fair use is in the daily life of the average college student.

The libraries are committed to helping individuals learn about the ways they can use others’ materials effectively. Visit our website to find copyright basics, information on how to legally use others’ materials, and more about fair use. For more information, contact Carrie Nelson.

If you’d like to engage with Fair Use Week and learn more about fair use, follow #fairuseweek on social media and @fairuseweek on twitter.