About the Exhibit

This exhibit is based on the series ‘Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation’ published by the University of Georgia Press.

UGA Press devotes this series to “books that engage the importance of space for questions of social and political change.” The series comprises some 40 books covering a wide range of topics from global poverty and markets, to faith and welfare policies in the United States, to the politics of inequality and homelessness in India.

Wondering about the Wall? Read about prisons and borders in “Beyond Walls & Cages” / ed by Loyd, Mitchelson and Burridge. Race and gender related news items giving you questions? Take a look at “Masculinities and Markets” / as Brenda Parker delves into urban race and gender politics in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!  Have an interest in urban farming? Check out “Beyond the Kale” / Reynolds and Cohen. For a thought-provoking comparison of race and place in New Orleans, read “Tremé,” / by Michael Crutcher, Jr., alongside this year’s Go Big Read “Hillbilly Elegy.”

All of these fascinating volumes and more can be found in the online catalog at and are available either online or in print at campus libraries.

(We have a majority of them here at the Geography Library!)