May 13 through late summer 2016

Following the lead of many brick-and-mortar bookstores, this exhibit features titles from Special Collections as highlighted by our student library employees (and the rest of us). Themes include illuminated manuscripts, the classics, early modern anatomy, books about Native Americans, little magazines, diaries and journals from the Cairns Collection of American Women Writers, imperial engravings of the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt, history of education in Europe, editions of Uncle Tom’s Cabin for younger readers, 20th-century German postcards, illustrations of Melville’s Moby Dick, aids to the practice of veterinary medicine, 20th-century illustrators of children’s books, products of fine and private presses, natural history, 19th-century chemistry, travel and exploration, and history of demonology, among other diverse subjects. As you see, the range of individual interests is considerable; the breadth and depth of our holdings, equal to the task. We encourage you to come see what our student employees have found inspiring or intriguing in Special Collections, as well as some of the favorites of Special Collections staff and of catalogers from Central Technical Services who work with Special Collections holdings.

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