Skye Doney is interviewed by C-SPAN’s Jason Dorman in Special Collections.

C-SPAN, in partnership with Charter,  highlighted the city of Madison, including the UW-Madison Libraries, as part of its 2014 Cities Tour. C-SPAN2 and C-SPAN3 featured the literary life and history of selected cities, with Madison’s episodes airing Nov. 15-16 on the public affairs network.

To view the Libraries episodes, or any of the Madison segments, click on the links below:

In October C-SPAN crews spent a week filming at various locations around Madison, including the World War I exhibit in the Libraries’ Special Collections Department. Special Collections librarian Robin Rider and Skye Doney, a graduate student who curated the exhibit, were interviewed as part of the special. Fellow grad student Eric O’Connor also helped curate the exhibit. The majority of the exhibit contains pieces donated by UW–Madison alumnus Andrew Stangel.

Programming recorded in Madison aired on Book TV/C-SPAN2 Charter channels 76 and 997, and 742 in HD and American History TV/C-SPAN3 Charter channels 88 and 996, and 743 in HD on November 15 and 16, 2014.  C-SPAN is available in Madison on Charter channels 12 and 740 in HD.

Robin Rider shows pieces from Special Collections’ WWI exhibit.

For more information, visit the C-SPAN Cities Tour website and the C-SPAN Cities Tour Twitter page.