One of the pieces, featuring Susan Elbe's poem, "After Work." (Image from HYBRID Facebook page)
One of the pieces, featuring Susan Elbe’s poem, “After Work.” (Image from HYBRID Facebook page)

If you take a ride in a Green Cab sometime in the next six months you may notice something special. Each of their 41 Toyota Prius cabs will include a unique installation of poetry paired with a stunning photograph. HYBRID: transported by word and image combines poetry from 43 poets, curated by Sara Parrell, with photographic images by Thomas Ferrella. The show will run for six months beginning tomorrow (Saturday, May 3rd). A BLINK grant from the City of Madison has helped to make the project possible.

Congratulations to everyone involved with HYBRID, especially the following Parallel Press poets, whose work is featured:

Andrea Potos, author of The Perfect Day
Blair Mathews, author of Echo
Cathryn Cofell, author of Kamikaze Commotion
Eve Robillard, author of when gertrude married alice
F.J. Bergmann, author of Aqua Regia
Fabu, author of Journey to Wisconsin: African American Life in Haiku
Marilyn Annucci, author of Luck
Max Garland, the current Poet Laureate of Wisconsin and author of Apparition
Paul Dickey, author of What Wisconsin Took
Robin Chapbman, author of The Only Everglades in the World
Shoshauna Shy, author of White Horses on Sale for a Song
Susan Elbe, author of Light Made From Nothing
Timothy Walsh, author of Wild Apples

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  • Stop by Gallery Night at Winnebago Studios TONIGHT, Friday, May 2 5:00-10:00pm to view the poems and photo pairings before they hit the streets on May 5. Winnebago Studios is located at 2046 Winnebago Street in Madison