READ on the Kohl Center!
READ at the Kohl Center!
READ on the Terrace!
READ on the Terrace!

Today marks the beginning of a very, very important week: it’s National Library Week! Libraries and librarians have a powerful and positive impact on the work, knowledge, and experience of our students, faculty, staff, and the wider community. Celebrate your library, your research, your access to databases, and your love of books with MERIT Library’s READ! posters.

Thanks to literacy, you read that right: you can come to MERIT Library this week to pose with your favorite book, in front of your favorite background, with your favorite friend (or just alone, since no one likes to be bothered while reading a great book).

Each poster is 11×17″ and each pose costs just $5. Additional copies of the poster are $2 each. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up! Or, since April 15th is also National Library Workers Day, honor your favorite library staff member with a poster!

At a Glance:

  • Who: You – or anyone else!
  • What: Your very own READ! poster with your favorite book
  • When: Sunday April 13th – Friday April 18th (Noon to 6pm each day)
  • Where: Room 109 in the Teacher Education Building, 225 N Mills Street. (note that it is in our studio, and not MERIT library)
  • Why:  Because having your own READ! Poster is the height of cool.  (Especially if you love literacy!)

    The Badger wants you to READ!
    The Badger wants you to READ!