"Green Pepper Sauce" by Calandra McDonald
“Green Pepper Sauce” by Calandra McDonald

The 5th Annual Digital Salon is scheduled this year from Sunday, April 6, through Saturday, April 12. The Digital Salon showcases artistic and research-based projects that take digital form or are produced using information technology. The event is proudly organized by the UW-Madison Libraries and DesignLab. The Salon is an Ideas To Excellence partner, showcasing undergraduate and graduate creativity and scholarship.

"Lost Daughters" by Angela Richardson
“Lost Daughters” by Angela Richardson

The Digital Salon accepted works from students made in both Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters. Many of the projects were created in a course, like Comm Arts 155: Intro to Digital Media Production or Journalism 417: Magazines & Magazine Editing, but students could also submit work created independently. Work might include experimental videos, animations, graphic essays, websites, blogs, multimedia installations, posters, and more. Students are encouraged to be creative and innovative!

The Digital Salon stays true to its name by showcasing submissions online at UW Digital Salon 2014. Works will also be exhibited in College Library‘s Open Book Cafe from April 6th until April 12th.

At a Glance:

  • What: UW Digital Salon 2014
  • When: April 6 – April 12, 2014
  • Where: Online and College Library’s Open Book Cafe (600 North Park Street)
  • Cost: Free! UW-Madison campus and the public are both welcome to view the works at Open Book Cafe.

Want more information? Email the organizers at

"Six Lives" by Melanie Wallace
“Six Lives” by Melanie Wallace
"How to Use the Archives" by Michelle Dubert-Bellrichard
“How to Use the Archives” by Michelle Dubert-Bellrichard
bear drawing.jpg
“Bear Illustration” by Grace Meurer
"Future of the Amazon Rainforest" by Elena Mederas
“Future of the Amazon Rainforest” by Elena Mederas