GIC Workstation

This January is a huge year for Memorial Library’s Grants Information Collection! 30 years ago, the Grants Information Collection (GIC) became a partner of the Foundation Center, a leading authority on philanthropic giving. The Grants Information Collection, a Funding Information Network partner of the Foundation Center, has big plans for 2014, including a celebration reception in October, open houses with groups around the community, an ongoing project to collect success stories, and a possible an oral history of the collection’s history.

Ellen Jacks, Grants Librarian
Ellen Jacks, Grants Librarian

The GIC provides a space for library users to research grants for a variety of needs: funding for education, research, student organizations, and for non-profit organizations. Ellen Jacks, the Grants Librarian, is trained to guide users to the most helpful resources based on their needs, as well as provide a background on the world of grants and philanthropy. The Collection’s vision is to “improve the lives of Wisconsin citizens by promoting research, advancing learning, and encouraging nonprofit efforts.” With Jacks and the Foundation Center, the Collection can uphold this vision through instruction and access to information relating to grants, philanthropy, and charitable giving.

To start off the year, Jacks is soliciting stories of success from previous GIC patrons. Did you apply for funding for your graduate degree? Did your organization win a grant to work on a project? Share your story! You can submit your story here. All entries will be entered into a drawing that will take place at the reception in October.