“Victorian Eyes” is an art exhibition created through a collaboration between Carrie Roy (coordinator for the Humanities Research Bridge), Catherine DeRose (PhD Candidate in English Literature), and Fred Boehm (PhD student in Statistics). The three combined their respective fields of art, literature, and statistics, by using research questions formulated by DeRose, exploring them through Boehm’s statistical analysis, and interpreting the data through sculptures and other visual art created by Roy. The result is a unique collection of eight thought-provoking pieces.

The project was launched after the team won the UW—Madison New Arts Venture Challenge in April 2013. It has since made appearances at the Wisconsin Science Festival and the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, and is scheduled to be on display at Memorial Library in March 2014.

On December 17, 2013, an article in the Boston Globe highlighted the exhibition, praising its ability to bring “soul” back into the digital humanities. In the article, Roy discussed the process of bringing “Victorian Eyes” to life, and described the experience as “a fun opportunity to combine all the things I really love, humanities research, digital research, and the arts.”

Read the full article here: Turning Victorian literature into data into visual art

One of the pieces in the exhibition, Frankenstein's Frequencies: 123
Image courtesy of Carrie Roy. One of the pieces in the exhibition, “Frankenstein’s Frequencies: 123”

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