Library Staff from all over campus united at the University Club yesterday for the annual Library Staff Service Awards and Staff Recognition Gathering. The University Club catered the event with delicious food and drinks, while staff members had the chance to mingle and talk to colleagues they don’t often see (it’s a really big campus!). A warm and festive event, the purpose of the awards is to specifically recognize:

  • Exemplary working relationships with library colleagues and/or library clients
  • Contributions to establishing a welcoming learning and research environment
  • High-productivity coupled with teamwork, leadership, and/or cooperation
  • Creativity, initiative, and independence that positively influences library services
  • Achievements and work products that significantly benefit library services

This year’s award recipients are:

  • Academic Staff: Ann Combs, Senior Academic Librarian, Ebling Library
  • Classified Staff: Tina Denker, Financial Specialist, General Library System Business Office
  • Student Staff:
    • Sami Ghani, College Library
    • Melinda Prior, Wendt Commons
    • Rachel Williams, SLIS Library
    • Rachel Vorlander, College Library

This year, for the first time, the General Library System honored staff for their length of service. Committee members Cory Whipkey, Michael Enyart, Deb Calder, Judith Louer, Heather Weltin, Nancy Graff Schultz, and Cathy Jacob worked diligently to determine the amount of time a staff member worked in the GLS, not including time as a student employee, and to develop a certificate and poster for the honorees . Some librarians were here for so long, the records didn’t go back far enough! Because there are so many committed employees, certificates were given out in 5 year increments.

Congratulations to all our award winners and for the contributions they make to the Libraries!